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David Lang- The Difficulty of Crossing a Field


David Lang's The Difficulty of Crossing a Field, with the Harlem Quartet, Douglas Kinney Frost conducting, and in association with Beth Morisson Projects

I'm producing a new recording of the Pulitzer Prize winning David Lang's opera The Difficulty of Crossing of a Field.

I'm recording at Studio G Brooklyn, with Joel Hamilton engineering.

Stay tuned for release information.

Visit David's website for more information on the piece and its original performance.

What critics are saying about Lang's 'love fail' (2014):

"Mr. Lang has written a score that finds common ground between the austere language of medieval music and crunchy, pungent modern styles." -Anthony Tommasini, NY Times

"There is, if not perhaps a name, at least a commonplace description for this uncommon music: sublime beauty." -Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times Music Critic

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