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So Percussion - Steve Mackey: It Is Time (CD & DVD)


I produced, recorded, mixed and mastered this album, and did the 5.1 mix for the DVD. Incredible music by Steve Mackey, performed by my long-time collaborators So Percussion, and released on Cantaloupe Music in October 2011.

We recorded at Dave Snyder's incredible Guilford Sound in Guilford, VT. I mixed in my own Good Child Music Studios, and mastered at Good Child, and with Andreas Meyer in Andreas's studio. I did the 5.1 mix at Princeton.

Steve talks about "It Is Time" and his 2011 Grammy nominations in "Steven Mackey talks composition and intersecting with Lady Gaga," on's Classical Music Blog.

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I. Metronome

II. Steel Drums

III. Marimba

IV. Drums

V. Epilogue

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