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Bryce Dessner / Kronos Quartet- "Tour Eiffel"


I recorded and mixed some of Dessner's "Tour Eiffel" with the Brooklyn Youth Chorus. The recording was included on Dessner/Kronos' album, Aheym.

Visit ANTI-'s page for Aheym

Listen to "Tour Eiffel" on Youtube

What people are saying about Aheym:

"Dessner's mordant vision is uniquely his; these are real, meaty works, troubling and beautiful." -Jayson Greene for Pitchfork, Nov 8, 2013

"Aheym is a dense and kinetic work, stitched with nearly obsessively articulated cells of energy that are occasionally interrupted by lyrical and luminous melodic lines." -Anastasia Tsioulcas for NPR First Listen, Oct 27, 2013

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