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Chromeo - Business Casual


I love working with Dave and P!! They're incredibly creative, and super hard workers.

I recorded vocals, guitar, and talk box in my studio, at the time, in Studio C at Clinton Recording.


• "And whereas the finest music of this ilk goes full pelt with either ideas or loins, sometimes concurrently, Business Casual is, as its title suggests, the ultimate middle ground." - BBC, September 29, 2010

• "The depth of production here is quite literal; when there's space to breathe on these tracks, it feels like a cavernous expanse rather than dead air. Their previous work had big aspirations, but this record cements their potential as a marquee band." - Pitchfork, September 22, 2010

• "The melodies are clean, bright and infectious; and the album is littered with sweet little surprises..." - Paper Magazine, August 4, 2010*

• "The Montreal duo Chromeo plans to show some creative growth on its upcoming third album, 'Business Casual' -- flaunting not only its usual array of 70s and 80s R&B and funk sources but also what the group's Dave 1 calls 'soft rock' influences..." - Billboard, July 23, 2010

• "...'Business Casual' marks a continuation of the fierce funk jams that Chromeo do best - as well as a new sophisticated, mature direction with more lovers' ballads woven into the mix." - EQ Magazine, April, 2010

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