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Diplo - Diplo vs. Santogold Mixtape - I'm a Lady


My friend John Hill and Santi asked me to do a remix of Santigold's (then Santogold) "I'm A Lady." They asked that I do something really original with a lot of percussion. At that time I was a member of So Percussion, and had just finished producing So's "amid the noise" and their recording of Steve Reich's "Drumming." I ended up stripping it down, and making it a quirky but lush orchestral version. Santi, John, and the label were all really happy with it. So far, the original version hasn't been used or released. Amanda Blank used the bridge in her song "A Love Song," and Diplo used it here in the Diplo vs. Santogold mixtape.

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I'm a Lady (Diplo Mix ft Amanda Blank)

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