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William Brittelle - Television Landscape


I produced, recorded, mixed and mastered this album for Bill Brittelle, released on New Amsterdam Records in 2010.

We recorded in Clinton Studio B, using my studio, then Clinton Studio C, as the control room. I mixed and mastered in my studio.


• "A riotous shotgun wedding of rich orchestrations and complex arrangements..." - The New York Times

• "The album might tie itself in occasional knots, but like all the best overblown art-rock, it is held together at the edges by sheer fervor of its maker's belief." -, Best Albums of the Year

• "You might wonder if Jane's Addiction had discovered the soul of Debussy." - L.A. Times, August 22,2010

• "A synthesis of modern classical invention and avant-garde experimentation..." - M Music & Musicians Magazine, August 17, 2010

• "The cohesive 50-minute album plays like a glorious reclamation of lush sounds that crusty critics have villified for years." - Time Out New York, July 26, 2010

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